IRC output plugin rate-limiting


Hi developers,

Right now the IRC output plugin is limited to 0.5 messages per second by the looks of reading the source code for the irc bot used.

For our private IRC server this is not enough and #logstash often is hours, or even days, behind with it's output.

The bot have options for setting message queues both for the client and for what the server allows. It would be nice to be able to set these options as plugin options in logstash.

Cheers, Nafallo


Tim Bunce
May 10, 2013, 6:50 PM

We've just started using the IRC plugin and immediately ran into this issue.

Nafallo, any chance you could work on a patch?

Jordan Sissel
May 10, 2013, 6:53 PM

Scanning through the code, looks like this is a a setting:

85: mps = @bot.config.messages_per_second ||

Jordan Sissel
May 10, 2013, 6:56 PM

Yeah, I can expose messages_per_second.

Here's the full list of options, any others you want to be able to tune?

Jordan Sissel
May 10, 2013, 7:39 PM

cc30422e5779264c5e0eb3ed745c6965c9f17a95 implements this.

Tim Bunce
May 10, 2013, 7:51 PM

I found some docs in

server_queue_size might also be useful in addition to messages_per_second.



Jordan Sissel


Nafallo Bjälevik

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