New plugin : aggregate filter


I have developed a new filter plugin, which name is : aggregate.
I created the following pull-request to add it on logstash-contrib project :

Plugin Details :

The aim of this filter is to aggregate informations available among several events (typically log lines) belonging to a same task,
and finally push aggregated information into final task event.

To do that :

  • the filter needs a "task_id" to correlate events (log lines) of a same task

  • at the task beggining, filter creates a map, attached to task_id

  • for each event, you can execute code using 'event' and 'map' (for instance, copy an event field to map)

  • in the final event, you can execute a last code (for instance, add map data to final event)

  • after the final event, the map attached to task is deleted

  • in one filter configuration, it is recommanded to define a timeout option to protect the feature against unterminated tasks. It tells the filter to delete expired maps

  • if no timeout is defined, by default, all maps older than 1800 seconds are automatically deleted

An example of use can be:

  • with this given data :

  • you can aggregate "dao duration" with this configuration :


Fabien Baligand
July 4, 2015, 8:34 PM


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