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Hi All,

I`m looking for a solution which can easily replace expensive Splunk in our company. It seems that logstash could provide some features.

In our Splunk dashboards usually to present informations we are using tables and charts. In the logstash documentation I found a lot charts but I havent found any tables. My question: is it possible to generate tables with data in logstash ? How we can create nice dashboards with for example: global map and some markers on it displaying data comming from database. A lot of our shell scripts to monitor global sell process generating output with 3-9 columns which could be easily read by Splunk and presented on Splunk dashboard. Is it also possible to do it in logstash ?

Sorry that I`m publishing here my question. Logstash website is a little bit chaotic and I didnt found any forum about it except google mail list which I`m not using.


Philippe Weber
February 5, 2014, 5:31 AM

Hello Maniek, Logstash is part of a stack now shortly called ELK,
you can have further info from the website


all the visualization are done with Kibana.
Please have a look and see if it would suit your needs


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