Graphite Input Not Processing Multiple Metrics Per Message


I have a simple input to listen for graphite messages on 2003 and send on to ES.

I am using collectl and Diamond to send graphite metrics to LS.

What I'm seeing is that LS will accept the incoming connection on 2003 but if the message contains multiple metrics (seperated by \n) only the first metric is turned into key=>value.

Here's an example message, as you can see collectl.servername.cputotals.user is properly converted but the rest of the data in the message field is never processed.

My LS conf.


Henk Hesselink
April 5, 2014, 10:49 PM

I ran into the same thing. Problem seems to be that the default codec for graphite input is "plain" but should be "line". Adding "codec => line" to the graphite input stanza fixed it for me.


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