XMPP Plugin Could be more fault tolerant


I have been experimenting with the xmpp/jabber plugin and have run into problems with the plugin's handling of ECONNREFUSED. I am no expert in xmpp and most definitely not Logstash, but it seems that this exception is thrown fairly commonly. When this happens, LS exits immediately. Assuming this isn't uncommon, it seems that perhaps the plugin should retry a few times, then still failing, log the event but allow LS to continue. Using the following simple conf I have reproduced this behavior locally on my machine as well as on an instance deployed in Rackspace Cloud, using two different jabber accounts (one Google, and one macjabber.com).

Testing with: java -jar logstash.jar agent --config simplexmpp.conf --log test.log

I get the following error about 50% of the time:

The following is the LS output when it fails:

If I'm doing something wrong, I'd appreciate any help you can provide.



Richard Pijnenburg
January 24, 2014, 11:11 AM


For allot of inputs and output we indeed need to improve them.
Im currently working on writing different tests to improve coverage and find these kind of situations.
I do agree we could implement a retry mechanism ( configurable )
I'll take this issue and see if we can improve it soon.


Richard Pijnenburg


ted lin


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