ES mapping for GELF input data not correct (user fields)


Dear all,

I've checked the new version, today. Many thanks for that excellent work. It fixes a lot.

By checking the new mappings for GELF data as an input, I found an issue with the field names. GELF differentiate between standard (manadatory) fileds an so called user fields. Die difference is quite simple to see in my example below:

"version": "1.0",
"host": "localhost",
"short_message": "Tue Jul 23 21:16:05.112 [initandlisten] ...",
"full_message": "Tue Jul 23 21:16:05.112 [initandlisten] ...",
"timestamp": 1291899928.412,
"level": 2,
"facility": "MongoDB",
"file": "C:\lx\mongodb\logs\mongodb.log",
"line": -1,
"_user_1": "my value 1",
"_user_2": "my value 2",

All user fields start with an underscore.

The new mapping introduced with version 1.2.0 remaps all GELF field >>without<< an underscore for user fields. It would be very helpful if the naming convention for GELF is used for logstash as well.

Many thanks for help,

Juergen Adams



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